Friday, 4 March 2016

Evaluation question 7 DRAFT

Looking back at your preliminary task (the school magazine task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

Looking back at my preliminary magazine, I have noticed that I have developed skills with PhotoShop and the structures of magazines. In my preliminary magazine, I had little knowledge of how programmes work and the way in which magazines are structured. My magazine was very basic, with few layers as I was unsure of how to work the programme. Whereas, in my final piece, I have used multiple layers and structures to put together a music magazine to a good standard, showing my skills of constructing a magazine have developed substantially.

In terms of camera shots and mise en scene in my photos there has been an improvement in a much higher standard and professional magazine media product. There has been a improvement in my images as I have learnt how to style my model/artist to fit my magazine genre and to gain the interest of a wider interest within the magazine. Before when I was constructing my preliminary magazine, I had little knowledge of the importance of mise en scene in magazines. For example, the clothing needs to be suitable for the target audience to attract customers to buy the magazine. However, in my final piece I illustrated this throughout by making my models wear 'casual' clothing to fit in and appeal to the audience I am targeting. This change of styling outlines the improvements I have made when taking the images for my magazine, in the factor of mise en scene. My camera work skills have also improved from producing my preliminary work to producing my final product, this is due to when I took my preliminary images I had shadows due to only using one artificial light, this equaled in me having to Photoshop lasso the shadow out of the image which made my models head look slightly distorted, however when I took the images for my final product I used a different location altogether to take my photos. Mise en scene was improved dramatically because of not only the styling but also the choice of background, the first magazine all has the same background with no change in scenery, this would make it boring for consumers on the other hand I made improvements in this area by changing the lighting and background in my final magazine.

My knowledge as a whole for the importance of photography in magazines has increased during the development of the two tasks which is shown by the increase in consideration I had between my first and final product. In my preliminary magazine, I only took photos as a mid shot. Whereas, in my final magazine, I took long shots, close-ups as well as mid shots.

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