Monday, 7 March 2016

Evaluation question 6 DRAFT

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

When taking the images in college, I used a Nikon D3200 camera, when using this camera to take images for my draft magazine pages I found that the Nikon provided a high quality image. Although, I did not use this camera to take my final images that I used in my magazine. For the test shots of my magazine, I used some artificial lighting, which allowed my images to have no shadows and look much clearer when opened on a bigger screen. For my final images, I used a Nikon D200 to take my photos after visiting different locations around Leicester to find the perfect place to take some photos. This camera provided good quality and worked well with the lighting providing no shadows. These photos came out well and are the one I have used in my final piece.

I have learned how to use different programmes such as PhotoShop. I used this programme on the college computers to put together my template and magazine. I learnt how to edit and manipulate images to fit my needs, for example cutting out certain elements with the lasso tool, for example removing backgrounds from an image. All of my pages were produced using Photoshop CS6, including multiple layers to add each part of the pages together. I had a small amount of knowledge about Photoshop before producing my magazine, but after completing my practical work I now have a much greater understanding of the programme. Although, when I started I was not 100% sure on how to use the programme and what uses the different tools had.

I used several online websites to create my magazine. I used different programmes when researching and planning. I used Blogger to create my coursework blog, I uploaded every piece of coursework I had done step by step onto Blogger so my teachers could regularly check my work. I also used animoto to create videos on some of my posts, such as my magazine pitch, this sold my magazine ideas in one video, informing everyone on how I would construct my magazine.  I also used many websites to research such as Google: the search engine, Da Font: to download fonts for my pages & UK Tribes: which is where I did the main research for my target audience. I also used Google Drive to embed my work onto my blog without using Blogger to type the work up. This was also used when storing all my photos of my models and what I was considering using for my magazine. 

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  1. Your photoshop section needs much more detail. Select 4-5 tools from photoshop and analyse how you used them to make adjustments and improvements to your work