Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Evaluation question 2 DRAFT

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

During the research and planning leading up to the creation of my music magazine, I researched into the different audiences, finding 'scenesters' and 'young alts' as my audience. However, I also wanted to add elements of 'New Casuals' to my magazine through the clothing worn in the images of the magazine. I had to ensure that the product I was making fitted and attracted my target audience which were member of the indie/alternative genre and social group. By realising my social group and target audience it has given me a clear idea of what content should be in the magazine in order to attract my target audience. Now this had been identified this it would make it easier to style my model in clothing that will appeal and suit my genre. The research I carried out was from '' this website gives has a large variety of categories for typical target audiences which I picked mine from. From looking through the website, searching for my audience I found my audiences and based my magazine around these to try and make the magazine appealing to the certain audiences. From the research the website provided me with an audience from which I can use related music for that genre.

I have represented my artist in the Indie Scenesters social group as they needed to suit and appeal to my magazine. My models Tom Cooley and Jack Horne have similarities with Jake Bugg and Liam Gallagher. This is because Liam's iconic fashion brand 'Pretty Green' is being worn by one of my models. They both are dressed to fit the indie style, very much similar to the artists mentioned. The clothing represents the indie style to target the audience I am aiming my magazine towards. These artists are very popular amongst the indie music genre itself, with Liam being part of the notorious band 'Oasis'. My models are wearing Ellesse and Pretty Green, these brands represent my social group which I have researched. My artists are both aged 17, fitting my target audience of 16-30 year olds. These brands have also become very popular recently as well as retro clothing and clothing worn by 80s football hooligans.

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  1. This post needs more detail, use what you have learnt with Mr Ford regarding facial expressions and preferred, oppositional and negotiated readings to add much needed detail to this post