Friday, 11 March 2016

Evaluation question 4 DRAFT

Who would be the audience for your media product?

From my research into the audience of my indie/alternative music magazine, I came to the conclusion that my audience would be aged 16-30. This age range would fit my magazine as it is the age where people start listening to upcoming bands/artists to not follow the mainstream crowds. As in my magazine, only upcoming or less popular bands feature adding to the indie style and genre. I have based my audience from the research I have found from '' and used the different groups I found to base my artists that feature in the magazine. My audience is indie 'scenesters' - 'Setting themselves apart by creating new trends by co-opting fashion and music from across the Tribal map and blending it with their own individual attitudes. Ever difficult to pin down, they move at lightning speed through youth culture – moving onto whats ‘next’ before it has a chance to become ‘now’.' I am also targeting young alts - 'Young Alts are a long standing youth Tribe – the entry level Alternatives that simply want to set themselves apart from the Mainstream by looking alternative, listening to alternative music, having alternative views… Even if they are Mainstream in every other sense!' these are key groups in the indie genre. Although, I also want some aspects of New Casuals groups in my magazine. This will be done through the clothing and costumes of my models in my magazine. I have chosen the age of 30 as a cut off point as people around that age are the most likely to be interested in the music and football. These are common football goers fitting the football hooligan social group.  The genre of my magazine and music within is Indie/Alternative, this means the magazine will focus on the characters within the crowd which like to be different to others in any way, the clothing they wear, hair styles they choose or just the way they choose to act. I see there is a gap within the market for my genre of magazine as there is the only particularly well-known ones ‘NME & Loud and Quiet’ available. So from this I am aware I have had to offer a larger range of artists and information within my magazine and still price it at a reasonable price, the price I chose was £3.00 whereas NME is £2.50 & Loud and Quiet is free, but I did market research and the largest percentage said they would be willing to spend this price on an Indie/Alternative magazine. When designing my magazine I had to ensure my model was wearing the correct clothing for my magazine. My models were wearing the correct clothing to appeal to my target audience with football 'casual' clothing. I also styled and designed my magazine so it was very basic and simplistic to meet the differences of my indie/alternative genre. I didn’t include much on the pages; they are all simply laid out. Artists of this genre tend to be played on BBC Radio 1 which also features a variety of other genres, so Radio 1 listeners tend to be open to lots of types of music.

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